Why Fab Acumen?

The company has some basic themes on which it is going to supply product in the market. Following are the basic questions that will be addressed in the company:

  • What identity do I want my clothing brand to project?
  • Who will want to wear my clothes?
  • What can customers get from my clothing brand that they can’t get anywhere else?
  • What makes my clothing unique in high end?
  • What is the most important part of my customer’s experience?
  • Customer Front

    The company values their customer on the following three fronts i.e. changing trend in fashion, its Quality and the Value for money spent on its products by the customers.

  • Channel Partner Front

    Fab acumen respects their channel partners and always feels proud to do business with them for longer time. This will certainly build a strong and long lasting relationship with them. We are here to give them best financial return which gives them satisfaction. We value their investment with Fab Acumen.

  • Employee Front

    We have very hard working and qualified employees, who are proficient with latest technology. We value our relationship with them. Therefore we allow our employees some flexibility in finding a work-life balance that meets their needs. We want to keep our corporate office environment very much light and friendly with some get together activities. We provide appropriate support to our staff as and when required.

  • Societal Front

    To address the corporate social responsibility, we have plans for the weeker sections of the society. We go to those areas and distribute clothes and try to address their basic needs.